Large holiday homes and group accommodation in the Netherlands near Weerribben Wieden National Park

Are you looking for a group accommodation for your vacation or do you want to rent a holiday home for a family weekend getaway or family reunion? Then stop searching! Here you will find luxury holiday homes for groups or families of 8 to 56 persons.
Enjoy the luxury and facilities of a holiday park with the space and comfort of a group accommodation. With Weerribben National Park Wieden in the vicinity, the large holiday homes lie in a unique and versatile environment 


What makes our group accommodations so special?

  • Variation of group accommodations for groups of 8 to 56 persons
  • You can use the facilities of the holiday park on which the holiday home is located.
  • Due to the privacy of the double rooms in the group accommodations.
  • An impressive setting including Giethoorn & National Park Weerribben Wieden

The nicest and most beautiful group accommodations in the Netherlands!
The more the merrier! That is typical for a holiday with a group or with your family. Group accommodations Weerribben Wieden offers you a choice of different types of group accommodations. Think of luxury villas, a comfortable chalet or large holiday homes. You can also rent a cozy bungalow for groups up to 8 people at our holiday park in Paasloo. During your holiday, weekend getaway or family-weekend you can use all the facilities of the holiday parks on which the group accommodations are located.

Groupaccommodation in Overijssel, Netherlands
The province of Overijssel in which the family houses are located offers something for everyone. Many people do not know that there is much to see and experience in the province of Overijssel. This is a stone’s throw away from the authentic water village of Giethoorn, the port towns of Blokzijl & Vollenhove and the lively cities Meppel and Steenwijk. In addition, the group accommodations in the largest wetlands of North West Europe are: Weerribben Wieden National Park. From open waters to swamp forests, protruding vegetation and special marshmembers like the otter, black tern & butterfly. The national park is a paradise for nature lovers! With one of the many cycling and hiking routes you can get to know the area actively. Or experience the nature reserve from the water with one of the tours or rent a boat in neighboring villages Kalenberg or Ossenzijl.